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At ARTFORM, there is a story in every piece.

From Artist, to ARTFORM, to you....the story continues with a piece of the artist's soul as part of the process. 

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An Artform visit - a tantalizing experience.

Set in the beautiful Matakana, an hour north of Auckland, we carefully curate collections of objects, wall art, sculpture and jewellery to present to you. Driven by passion, we work tirelessly with our artists & makers, to ensure you have the best experience when visiting us. We think it is as important to have a pleasing visit, as it is for us to sell to you. Your memory of the inspirational, colourful world you have been introduced to will stay with you - we know that. Our website is to extend that vist: an online version of the gallery experience.  

Our Passion.


At Artform, we exist to link our artists to your home. We connect objects, sculpture & pieces to your memories of a place & time. A little bit of the artist is in each piece - always. Their passion, their craziness, their drive and striving for perfection of the handmade now lives with you. Enjoy.


Artform Quote.

When buying from  Artform, you are buying more than just an object or painting. You are buying hundreds of hours of failures and experimentation. You are buying days, weeks and months of frustration, and moments of PURE JOY for the artist or maker. You are not just buying a THING, you are buying a piece of the heart, part of a soul, a moments in someone's life. Most importantly,. you are buying the artist more time to do something they are passionate about.


How to purchase?

Nothing replaces a visit to Artform, however we can assist from afar. Find out how here…


Our Values.

At ARTFORM, we aim to make our artists and creative people strive. With your support through purchasing their work, our artists are able to create, design and make. This, in turn, brings beauty and character into your life. 

Please take your time viewing; be led by your heart and trust your instinct. Art & Objects, including Jewellery, is about creating an evocative reaction that is personal to you. It is subjective. The initial reaction that moves you, that reminds you of an experience or a person and makes you smile or get the warm fuzzies . . . that is the trigger to buy.