Anthony Morris

I strive to become an artist. I have been forced to slow down, reflect and listen. This has been good, I am enjoying the raw emotions.
 Cast Glass

Cast Glass


The relationship with Ant goes back a long way. It started when Clare, Artform curator, worked with Ant as an advisor when launching his cast glass some 13 years ago, a relationship with was based on deep mutual respect and passion for glass and sculpture. It is now an absolute priviledge to show a selection of cast glass pieces after raiding Ant’s storage room. The pieces have not lost their strenth and impact, if at all, they have gained during raw energy in the time they have been idden away. ARTFORM


Anthony Morris’s cast glass combines the creation of three-dimenional sculptural artwork, and the forming and shapes that reflect light. the process of this creation involves artistic, technical and physical ability with each individual step having its own vulnerability.

The phisical ability is no longer there, since Ant suffered a dibilitating stroke in 2004. This after an initial highly successful launch of his cast glass sculptures nationwide the previous year. At that time, Ant was on a war-path to proove to himself, and the country, that he was an artist, not ‘just’ a potter.

Many years later, we have been allowed into the ‘back room’ of Ant’s studio, where deep in the corner were treasures that are now seeing the light again, and dancing as they do! In collaboration with The Vivian, displaying a selection of pots spanning over his 50 year career in the New Zealand arts & crafts scene, the exhibitions of his work celebrate Ant’s 80th birthday and an extraordinairy life. Thank you, Ant, for allowing us to show your work once more.