Introducing HOCH+GREEN

ARTFORM is delighted to be introducing HOCH+GREEN, a fascinating and inspiring duo.

A friendship spanning over 20 years between friends Julie Green and Gina Hochstein, percolating into a wonderful creative collaboration. Both join the collaboration with similar creative aesthetic but with differing skills. This originative duo challenges the viewer’s perception of the humdrum of the everyday.  As mums they struggle with the day to day conflict which our lifestyle on this planet brings and wrestle with what the future holds for our children. Highlighting how lucky we are living in New Zealand, they celebrate by looking at the beauty in the small and ordinary but highlight the dangers to our existence too.

The journey of the collaborative process according to HOCH+GREEN has been both exhilarating and liberating.

HOCH+GREEN, Symphony of Movement #3

HOCH+GREEN, Symphony of Movement #3


Gina has just finished her double masters: Master of Architecture and Master of Heritage Conservation at the Auckland University School of Architecture and is now working in an Architectural practice as well as teaching in this field.

She has always had an interest in the creative fields and previously worked both as a freelance book designer both in New Zealand and overseas, and in the music industry in London.

Her interest in photography stems from visiting many art gallery exhibitions and her layout book design. With her personal aesthetic she places value on images providing a continuing dialogue. By looking deeper into topics such as waste and the environment as well as beauty in nature in an inventive way, provides a positive artistic challenge. Her years studying architecture also brings with it a fresh perspective.


Julie has always been interested in Art, Art History and Anthropology and studied in these fields at Elam and Auckland University.

HOCH+GREEN, Symphony of Movement #5

HOCH+GREEN, Symphony of Movement #5

She has worked in book publishing [both traditional and electronic], product development, events and marketing, travelling internationally for business for a number of years. It was on these business trips that Julie would add on weekends so that she could visit Art Galleries and Museums, feeding her thirst for Art history and the Antiquities.

Julie’s work experience in marketing, advertising, design, especially the development of collateral has stood her in good stead with the creativity involved with photography, where attention to detail and the act of recording and storytelling is everything. Julie see’s things differently to others and chooses to highlight those thing in our lives which we take for granted, her wonderment in nature and how we should protect our environment for future generations being paramount to what she does.

Julie currently works in Marketing while enjoying working on creative projects whenever possible.

Come and view the duos work as of Saturday, November 24th from 3pm.

Clare Mora