Visit to Justin Culina

We LOVE Justin

As part of the school holidays, I took my son up to Whangarei to visit Justin Culina and his delightful family. This was partly to allow the New Learner Driver to experience that rather dodgy New Zealand road, and in an effort to make the rest of New Zealand safer with him on th eroad!! In actual fact, it turned out that my son took amazing photos, helped Justin make a piece of glass and came away totally buzzing from the experience. And I then had to drive home as my son was exhausted.

We came away with a car load of extremely beautiful pieces, many of them new to his style of work, and many of them having sold that weekend, such is the increase in his ability and level of finess. Justin masters techniqes used by Italian, Scandinavian and the merged techniques of both of them….and all on his own! To see him working the furnace, the punty rods, the cane work, the gathering, the lip wrap and so on all on his own is like watching a ballet of glassblowing or synchronised swimmers. What usually takes 2-3 people, he calmly manages single-handedly, while also talking us through the process and stopping mid flow for some scene stealing photos.

That is why we love him. View photos of our afternoon with Justin, Caitlin and their 2 children below..

Clare Mora