We Welcome Catrina Lloyd - Abstract Visual Artist

At Artform we are hosting Visual Artists with a body of work for 10 days every 6 weeks. The selection of the work is by the theme of the overall current theme story in the gallery, or due to loving the way they work along side objects and sculpture.

This round we have selected Catrina Lloyd, a Muriwai based artist who works with layering brushstrokes of colour on paper and board, enhanced by fine lines of ink or blotches of dye. Her abstract work is stunning as a body of work, and each one shines when taken aside and complimented with an object to bring out the colour and movement.

Of this body of work, Catrina says: “This latest series of work was inspired largely by my new found love for running. It brought me down to the beach much earlier in the morning than I was used to. So my 'collecting' process had a kind of travelling aspect to it. I became obsessed with the wonderful depth, texture and movent of the ironsand. Its spattering of broken shells, the thin travelling watermark lines left in the sand as the tide changes, the dense baby mussel clusters wrapping round the rocks like a crust and of course that almighty energetic west coast ocean.”

Catrina Lloyd, Artist residing in Muriwai

Catrina Lloyd, Artist residing in Muriwai

Clare Mora