The use of BLACK in contemporary craft

In interior design, black is used to define a space, anchor a space, create mood and drama. In contemporary craft it is no different – but sometimes, as in with glassblowing, it can be as useful as it is difficult: a black lip-wrap, the black line around the edge of a bowl, platter or vase, can draw attention to the shape, as well as help ‘hold the piece together; it is a visual guide for the eye. Black, as a contrast colour with white, is one of the most difficult combinations: black is the hottest colours, and white the coldest. Therefor working these colours in one piece means two different temperatures at the time the piece is created. For the colours to be separate and not merge into a brown/grey, shows skill and high ability by the glassblower.

On the other hand, a simple structure like the black ‘Scallop’ by Jamie Adamson, is striking and dramatic. Given this piece is 3D and hangs off the wall, it creates a shadow play on the wall as the light changes throughout the day. The definition of the shadow is enhanced by the use of black as a dense colour.

So, consider black in connection with other colours when seeking the next striking piece for your home…we have a great selection of stunning glass, ceramic and wall pieces at Artform at the moment. Dive in and have a look…

Clare Mora