Damian & Tania

I like the idea that by up cycling and transforming under-appreciated vintage furniture I am creating a treasured item and developing a renewed appreciation for old school craftsmanship.
Bespoke Furniture

Bespoke Furniture


We love.....

We stumbled upon Damian & Tania at a high end market, where he was gathering feedback on the newly launched furniture idea. We loved the way they had incorporated different craft and design aspects: they were using rare fabrics that Tania had found and treasured, and combined this with Damian's love of sailing & ship-building as well as his love of old, bespoke furniture pieces. And of course combines this with style and quality workmanship. Nice! ARTFORM



It began as a hobby before growing into the cottage industry it is today.

The company was created by Damian and Tania, partners in life and design. Damian has a deep appreciation of quality workmanship and all things well-made. Damian loves working with his hands and has honed his wood-working expertise over the course of years of furniture restoration, house renovation, boat building and paddle-board making.
Tania has a life-long love of fabric and textiles, inspired by many happy hours spent in her grandmother’s sewing studio, a very talented and sought-after pattern-cutter and dressmaker in her time. The exciting result of this union of skills and creative vision is in each piece of furniture presented. "We have learned to work with the beauty of the timber, preserving the finely crafted details, and adding the vibrancy and colour of the finest fabrics to create something new and contemporary that makes each piece a unique addition to any home. We are a small Kiwi company, creating these pieces in our home workshop. Our key success factor is the time we take in crafting each item, and our attention to detail."

Each piece is finished with a patina that denotes the many days it has taken to create it. The high-gloss surface is beautiful, and durable enough to last a lifetime