Denise Laing

For me the pleasure of making comes from experimenting to bring an idea to life. I seldom begin with a firm idea of the final design and prefer to let works come together on the bench as components combine through proximity, association and chance. The decisions about scale, texture and form, how the piece will be worn, and whether it will be fixed or fluid are answered during this process of experimentation and play.



We love.....

Denise sculpts pieces for the body. She manipulates the silver and gold to become pieces of architecture that sit on your body to style it. Contemporary and with clear lines, the delicacy of them contrasts that to make them decorative and striking.  ARTFORM

DLG-046 108 EarringsFoldTextured studs 2.jpg


Denise lives in Auckland and handcrafts contemporary jewellery designs from her home workshop.

Working primarily with sterling silver, Denise makes a range of brooches, chains, earrings and rings inspired by a fascination with layers and textures. The pieces feature repetition of geometric shapes and forms. White and black finished metal colour options are achieved using ‘bleaching’ and ‘oxidising’ techniques in addition to the more traditional highly polished silver colour.