Dominic Burrell

Layer upon layer of glass, colour and clear glass. Liquid forms that solidify into surprises - every time. Most of them good....I never seize to be amazed.
Hand-blown Glass

Hand-blown Glass


We love.....

It is always a surprise when Dominic visits, but what a delightful visit it is. He walks in through the door, and we are transported to his passion for the material, his fascination with geological and meteorological maps, and the way in which is magically translates that into these stunning glass sculptures. ARTFORM



Born in 1972 Dominic studied social science at Otago University then interior design, before graduating in 2003 from Wanganui glass design school. 
What draws me to design and production of glass forms is the formal qualities in composition. I am drawn to the aesthetic placement of point, line and plane and the use of colour within this.

The ‘Tower’ series of work speaks of pushing conventions of traditional blown glass forms, using opaque colours to add spatial depth. Each segment is hand blown using colour overlays. It is then cut using a diamond wheel, ground down using a flat bed grinder, sandblasted and edged. The completed segments are then fused together forming the finished tower.