In-Situ Visit

Over the last years, we have helped clients world-wide to select their special pieces of New Zealand. We have also assisted with interior projects; situations where clients know they want more life in a particular area of the house, but don't know how to go about it. 

For the greater Auckland area, this is where our in-situ visits come into it.

How it works:

Step 1  

You visit or contact ARTFORM and we discuss your requirements. 

Sometimes this starts by you liking a larger piece in the gallery, which is a commitment both in size and budget, and you would like to see if in your home to be sure of the fit. We can either provide you with an 'apro' form, where you borrow the piece overnight to view in your home, or we make arrangements to come to you with the selected piece, and maybe a few more for options.

In other situations, you have a specific location,  like a shelving unit, a sideboard, a wall, a room, where you would like some items placed to bring a change, some personality or interest into a space. You may find you don't have the time to go around places to look for pieces, and even if, it is hard to imagine them working together in that room. In this case....

Step 2  

You send us images of your home, the space and surrounding colours, artwork or feature pieces. We gather ideas based on your initial likings or feedback, and create a presentation with the space in mind. Here is an example of what we mean: click here.

Step 4

With confidence that we are on the right track, the next step is that we come to you with a selection of pieces. We generally add some to the selection, as they will be new and worth a go!

We install, discuss, try out, deliberate, and sometimes you sleep on it overnight. Once happy, we proceed with the sale. If not quite there, we try again when new pieces come in, or with more of an idea having now been to your home. 

It is generally successful, in that you end up with a result you are happy with for a very long time.

By the way, this service also works for corporate clients and environments, as well as awards for special events.