Jane Grey

I am having so much fun with this new direction. I travel between Hawkes Bay and Matakana, and just can’t stop myself filling the car with clay to mould, pinch, shape and carve the clay into shapes and objects whereever I am. They take over my whole body, I don’t know where they lead me, but I am enjoying the outcome more and more.
Hand Built Ceramics

Hand Built Ceramics


Jane has been in the art world for a long time. As with every artist, she has evolved and changed throughout her career, however this new direction of working with hand-built ceramics is a new direction completely. We love the way her eyes light up when she starts talking about the process and the free and vibrant fun she is having creating them. It is amost as if she has been set free from the 2-dimensional canvas, let loose on a new playground. We particularly love the way her signature of bold and engaging faces translate to the 3-dimensional form. ARTFORM


Jane has been painting professionally since 1983. During this time she furthered her art education at The Slade University, London, taught all art classes at Hereworth School, Havelock North for 8 years, and also took private lessons for children and adults from her home. This was followed up by opening Wine Country Gallery in Havelock North, known for supporting up and coming artists the gallery gained an enviable reputation. She finds living in Hawkes Bay and Matakana ideal for her subject matter and the quality of light and life there is reflected in the vibrancy of her work. It is usually on a large scale using linear fluency and broadly applied colour ~ exuberatiing is the major key followed by a minor introspective note ~ veiled layers describing mood and atmosphere. She considers herself a real NZ painter even though she has frequent trips abroad these don't affect the style she has made her own. Several Galleries represent Jane Gray, including Tennyson Gallery, Napier, Art Matakana, Matakana, International Art Centre, Parnell, and Flagstaff Gallery in Devonport. Some of her recent series of paintings are available in Print form from Paper Works at Te Awanga, Hawkes Bay.