John Dawson

All my work is porcelain, thrown, altered, glazed or polished.
Hand-thrown Ceramics

Hand-thrown Ceramics


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The stunning delicacy of both form and the celadon glaze. Both glaze and form is reduced to a lightness that is astounding. John is also very open to, and good at, collaborations. Due to his high acclaim as an artist and his beautiful personality, he has collaborated with some wonderful people, two of whom we have work of. Lucky us. ARTFORM



In the 1970's John came from New Zealand, where a strong and active movement of studio pottery dominated the crafts. Having dabbled in ceramics before leaving, with the intention of studying the harpsichord and organ at Trinity College of Music London,the desire to return to working with clay was still very strong.

Having graduated from Goldsmiths College, John's work in ceramics has very strong parallels with his work as a professional musician.( organist) While at Trinity College he was drawn to the music of the Baroque period. With baroque music,the form is usually very simple:a theme, containing just a few notes,is embellished or decorated to enhance the simplicity or to sustain the melodic line.Often the composer determined the structure in terms of chords,and it was up to the performer to extemporize his ideas,emotions and feelings with embellishments. John has used porcelain clay to express these musical feelings. A simple bowl form is made and is then altered to create an impression of movement. The body of work shown at Artform includes two large collaboration pieces John did with local artist sculptor Terry Stringer "Do Not Forget".

A Decal series with Geckos as well as an expressive series with artist Helen Beauchamp, who trained under David Hockney in the UK. The Decal/ Transfer images by Helen Beauchamp commemorate John's time teaching pottery classes in Holloway Women's Prison in London, and are based on stories prisoners told Helen, who also taught at the prison.It was a 16 year period in John's life that formed they way he thought and worked as an artist. Fulfilling in many ways, it was also confronting, and some of the pieces show these confrontations.