Lynden Over

After 20 years of making glass, I am still amazed how glass is my teacher. Just when you think you know it all, glass does something to teach you a lesson.
Hand-blown Glass

Hand-blown Glass


We love.....

Lynden and his wife, Christine, have endless energy and are devoted to the craft of glass art. They work as a wonderful team - Christine on creative and design, pushing Lynden to extend his skills to get just that little bit more out of this hot, temperamental medium. Lynden does what Christine says....but shows her how he can extend it even more that what she asked for. A beautiful push-pull of teamwork, to which the Volcanic Series is the perfect example of stunning output. ARTFORM



Lynden Over trained at North Tec. He holds a bachelor’s degree in applied arts. On the completion of his study he continued to work in glass. Lynden rented a local glass studio where he developed his own original range of collectable art glassware. His extensive training in glass blowing, jewellery making and sculpture brings a unique quality and form to his work.

Lava Glass Studio and Art Glass Gallery in Taupo.

In 2002 Lynden moved to Taupo and opened Lava Glass Studio and Gallery. Here Lynden has had the freedom to extend his production range. He started to work on his range of large works, creating some award-winning art glass pieces.

Signature Technique

Trailing coloured glass in layers over each piece is Lynden Over’s signature technique. In doing so he creates a rich painterly look where each glass work is totally unique. His pieces are inspired by the spectacular and rugged New Zealand landscape. His works are innovative and highly unique.

Award-winning glass works

Lynden Over has developed an original range of collectable glassware, including a range of bespoke large exhibition pieces. In the past 10 years Lynden has also created many award-winning works. He produced a winning entry in the Norsewear Glass Award. Moreover he received an ‘Excellence in Glass’ award in the Molly Morpeth Canaday Exhibition. Lynden’s creative use of colour was acknowledged in the NZ Society of Glass Exhibition, winning the Colour Award.