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Morgan Haines

My work reflects my previous career as a chef and my passion for 1940s wallpaper colours and motifs. Given I am a local to the Matakana region, I also see the colours of the surrounding landscape in my work.
Slipcast Ceramics

Slipcast Ceramics


We love.....

Morgan has the ability to create everyday pieces, add her divine language of humour, delicate funk and beauty, and make you have a double-take. Then you use it and you never put it down. Then you find you come back for more pieces, because you want more of that feeling. Then you know you are addicted to Morgan Haines. Works for us! ARTFORM



Morgan Haines work is influenced by motifs and patterns of an iconic and historic nature. 

Living, travelling, and working as a chef in New Zealand and abroad, Morgan has developed an interest in the relevance of the old and the decadent. She combines this passion with her culinary knowledge, to create a range of slip cast domestic ware.

Delicate pastel colours combined with religious iconography and 1940’s wallpaper give her work gorgeous texture and a sense of humour.