"Oyster Mash"

"Oyster Mash"


Paper Work, Floated in Frame behind Glass - by Catrina Lloyd

Orange/topaz ink on black ironsand brushstrokes with thick, textured purple and white overlaying - an Abstract using Ink, dye, and paint with strong brushstrokes and fine ink lines. The black ink lines represent the travelling watermarks of the changing tide.

“This latest series of work was inspired largely by my new found love for running. It brought me down to the beach much earlier in the morning than I was used to. So my 'collecting' process had a kind of travelling aspect to it. I became obsessed with the wonderful depth, texture and movement of the iron sand. Its spattering of broken shells, the thin travelling watermark lines left in the sand as the tide changes, the dense baby mussel clusters wrapping round the rocks like a crust and of course that almighty energetic west coast ocean.”

60cm x 80cm

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