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Welcome to Artform Gallery - New Zealand formed by Hand.

Matakana’s best Object and Sculpture Art Gallery

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Surprising Whanganui

A Roadtrip to Whanganui resulted in a car load of special pieces from our wonderful artists residing next to the mighty river. View the story on the artists here…

Our artists are a curious bunch.

and boy, are they creative.

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At Artform Gallery, our artists deliver in batches - they work on a theme or story, create a group of pieces which we then display. A lot of the work is therefore unique, & one-of-akind.

View examples of the current selection. Nothing beats a visit in person, but you can enquire about each piece from the Collection Pages.

Dove Love


An Artform visit - a tantalizing experience.

At Artform, we believe in every piece being selected from the heart - for the soul. Made by hand, each piece appeals for its' particular uniqueness, making an object of glass & ceramic, a piece of jewellery or wall sculpture, become part of your life in a very special way. The story of the artist is told in the making, being felt when viewing, and part of your life forever.

We have a stunning selection in each medium, for all budgets and a large variety of asthetics.

Visit us in stunning Matakana, or view a hint in our online galleries.

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Latest News from Artform

Whanganui Artists provide a breathtaking body of work for you to view…

Artform has over 65 artists from around New Zealand. As owners and curators, we love the direct connection with the artists, in their studio, watching them create and listening to their stories. A recent Roadtrip to Whanganui resulted in car full of spectacular pieces. “Surprising Whanganui”, a collection of raw and sophisticated pieces telling the story of this small town next to a mighty river. Read more here…


Our First Fine Art Guest Artist

Every month, ARTFORM will host a artist working in 2-dimensional work - print makers, original oil, acrylic, ink or pastels….which ever medium they work in, we will introduce fine art to our walls, to go to your walls. This month, inline with our focus on Whanganui, we introduce Vanessa Wairata Edwards: Walking into Vanessa’s studio one street back from the wild West Coast beach in Castlecliff, you can feel the conversation going on in every direction you look. There are haunting black & white etchings and prints of Maori women, birds and fauna clashing with Edwardian motives. There is Harakeke that forms a frame around a multi layered story of love, nurture and humanity, deeply soulful. Vanessa has many stories to tell….read more


Artfrom in a Nutshell