A Roadtrip to Whanganui


Artform has over 65 artists from around New Zealand. As owners and curators, we love the direct connection with the artists, in their studio, watching them create and listening to their stories. A recent Roadtrip to Whanganui resulted in car full of spectacular pieces. “Surprising Whanganui”, a collection of raw and sophisticated pieces telling the story of this small town next to a mighty river.

Greg Swinburne

Greg Swinburne

From Bubble to ‘Work in Progress’ to Beautiful, Contemporary Spheres

Greg is the understated master of cutting and polishing. He is also an inventor, and has a lot of projects on the go. He has ideas bubbling out of his head, and is designing, making, welding, and creating using the good old number 8 wire NZ mentality of ‘give it a go’? What is surprising, is that this ‘happy in a shed’ humble man makes such stunningly elegant, minimalist sculptural objects. Using minimal colour and framed in clear, the pieces hover, providing optical illusions and the question of how on earth does he do it.

“yeah, nah, Magic”, says Greg.

Ivan Vostinar

Ivan Vostinar

The Wonderful World of Ivan Vostinar

After a long career working on the movie ‘The Hobbit’ making tableware and pots, Ivan bought a building in this slightly run down area of Castlecliff. The first thing he did was create a community garden with his obsession with cacti and native succulents. After a few false starts, the community in this unlikely area jumped on board, and the result is a thriving area of garden spaces and Castlecliff’s first super groovy cafe. Just goes to show - an artistic vision and a pretty cool dude, then do things well and they will come. We have about 30 of Ivan’s pieces on display, from the small characters called ‘Peel me a Grape’ to a grande bronze-glazed Henry Moore inspired figure called “As within So without’.


Wonderful, Crazy, Fantastic, Hilarious Katie Brown

Not many make glassblowing look as sexy as Katie Brown does!

After a wee break from full-on glass making, where she had a wee boy and enjoyed a slower pace, enjoying motherhood and raising a beautiful boy - while still working, just not at the mad rate she normally used to, Katie is now back to her normal, yes even more miraculous state of creating glass wonders. With an angle on sculptural work and her lighting, we have managed to get some absolute stunners that incorporate her skill and desire to push boundaries, her own as an artist as well as the techniques she uses. Her lights, which we will be introducing next month, display her generosity of working with other artists and makers, sharing the passion and involving as many of the local artists that are less known in order to give them a break. That is Katie, and that is why Whanganui, and we, love her to bits.


Michael Waysmith - the ingenious murrine fanatic

An unlikely relationship with bright colours, a fascination of rods, a fixation on creating difficult round shapes out of bits and the combination of all of that - that is Michael Waysmith. With a constant drive to improve his already masterful command of the Murini Technique, Michael seemingly goes deeper and deeper into this complex technique. Each vessel he creates has taken the forsight to make the rods of glass, to then cut and envisage them working side by side in each vessel. Each rod is a cane of layers of multiple colours, rolled and worked into a ‘sausage’ like shape, before being drawn out by two skilled handlers, and then once cold, cut into cross sections. They then become the basis of these stunning beauties.

Michael is one who thinks he is never quite as good as he wants to be. Well, Michael, we celebrate your incredible talent and are delight to be working with you.


Lyndsay Patterson - the gentle master

Lyndsay is one of the masters of glass manipulation. Where others see a bubble of glass, he sees the beginning of a sculpture that has yet to emerge. With shaping by using tools, among others, dentists drills that make the nerves in teeth shiver with fear, he creates marvels that play with the eye. Soft, sensual and generous, pieces that command attention but not because they shout, but because their beauty is long-lasting and ever changing. Lyndsay uses Whanganui and his long-term working friendship with Katie Brown as inspiration for his artistic language, and is finding himself less inclined to dilute his work for commercial pressure, but create what he feels he really wants to do. He is once again inspired to reflect nature, and allow us to be spectators in the way he views the world. We are very lucky to have a small collection of his work for you to view. And take home.