Chris Jones

“All I have as a tool is a focus on glass. This new environment, its’ delights, its’
treasures, are all there for me to enjoy and I hope to express these new
experiences in this most elegant of mediums.
Hand-blown Glass

Hand-blown Glass


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Chris combines his amazing skill of glass-blowing with an astute sense of design, a beautiful affinity for colour and the ability to create balanced shapes. As a glassblower, he is technically very able, handles the Graal technique along with most techniques you throw at him. Combine this with the fact that he is just a jolly nice guy, and you have delight. ARTFORM



Chris Jones is an English glassmaker, currently living and working near Lake Taupo in New Zealand. Until arriving in New Zealand, Chris worked at the highly-respected Neil Wilkin Studios in Frome, Somerset, for over 5 years. During this time Chris developed his skills as a glass-maker and worked on pieces for renowned European glass artists such as Peter Bremers and Floris Meydam. Chris arrived in New Zealand in 2004 - a promise of something good, something fresh, a new start in a place so like his home but distantly different.

A product of these influences can be seen in Chris Jones' 'Floats' series - influenced in part by the new experiences of New Zealand and eloquently expressed in 'Poetry in the Making' by Ted Hughes: "Your whole being rests lightly on your float, but not drowsily: very alert, so that the least twitch of the float arrives like an electric shock. And you are not only watching the float. You are aware, in a horizon less and slightly mesmerized way, like listening to the double bass in orchestral music, of fish below there in the dark." Chris is currently back 'in the bench' working both for Lava Glass and on his own unique pieces. Piece Gallery is proud to be exhibiting and representing Chris Jones.