Justin Culina

I am so fascinated by all aspects of glass blowing that it would be hard to pick one thing that I like most but if I must, the shaping and blowing of each individual piece represents a unity between the maker and the medium that I love
Hand-blown Glass

Hand-blown Glass


We love.....

Justin is a softly spoken, passionate artist and a new Dad! He is so lovely to talk to, takes feedback on and is always keen to experiment. He is so excited when people like is glass (and how could you not) that he is like a kid in a cookie shop. We love the way he effortlessly creates forms that are so decorative, and when used, they enhance the settings in a home to truly become decorative art. We are excited to see where Justin will take his craftsmanship. ARTFORM

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"I have been fascinated by hot glass since I first encountered it in 2002.
After working as a glass artist for several years, my passion led me to take the plunge and start my own hot glass studio. I have been running Culina Glass in Whangarei for the last five years. This level of commitment to the medium has taken me on an artistic journey that continues to challenge and inspire me.   
I feel it’s important to work with the glass in a way that utilises the shapes that it naturally wants to assume, appreciating and working with the tendencies of the medium.
Capturing the beautiful liquid forms and stunning colours that glass offers is the challenge.
I hope that this love and respect for glass is reflected in my work.
Glass is a great teacher – consistent, honest and fair."