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Kairava Gullatz

Since I found a new home in New Zealand I am surrounded by the most beautiful nature. Nikau Palms, the ocean waves and ripples in the sand as well as waterfalls and gentle trickles of streams are my inspiration
— Kairava Gullatz
Handbuilt Ceramics

Handbuilt Ceramics

Kairava’s world is one of quirky talking creatures, where she takes snippets of her daily walks in nature, and brings them into her work in an utterly charming, human and humourous way. We often wonder whether she has a permanent smile on her face, and whether, in her studio, when the doors close at night, all the creatures come alive and start talking to one another. We will leave you with that thought as we curate her latest pieces before they rush out the door. ARTFORM.

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Kairava Gullatz grew up in Cologne, Germany, where she studied ceramic design before emigrating to New Zealand in 1997. Gullatz has since enjoyed her profession as a ceramic artist for over 30 years, exhibiting in both Germany and Holland, then finding inspiration in the beautiful nature of Auckland’s West Coast.

Working from a studio at Corban’s Estate Art Centre, she has been teaching both adults and children, and more recently entering into the Portage Awards, where she was announced finalist in 2017.

“I enjoy the ‘centering’ process of throwing pots, loving to be in touch with the soft material and shaping each vessel as a unique form. While exploring hand-building techniques, it is figures of creatures which inspire me. Time flies at my studio when assembling body parts, playing with proportions and facial expressions are so fascinating to me. Using colour in a playful way, painting eyes, creating textures while layering slip colours, adding sand or brass to the mix, dripping or brushing on glazes, all of it is my never-ending journey of explorations and creative expressions with clay”.