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Katie Brown

There’s no other medium like Molten liquid 1100 degree hot glass- it took me in and I’ve never looked back. There’s something about this medieval process that I couldn’t resist. Its dangerous, rewarding, addictive, difficult the list goes on.
Hand-blown Glass

Hand-blown Glass


We love.....

Katie Brown is one of a few female glassblowers in New Zealand. We love the way she shares her knowledge, skills gathered over many years of blowing glass, working with master crafts people from all over the world. She shares the passion, the beauty and the energy that this medium demands and gives. We love that of the wonderful Katie Brown. ARTFORM



Katie Brown is one of only a small handful of full-time female glassblowing artists in New Zealand. Having graduated from the Diploma in Glass Design and Production in 1999 at Whanganui UCOL, 

Katie now works at Wanganui Glass Studio – the only “open” glass studio in the Whanganui-Manawatu-Wellington region. 

Whilst studying, Katie met internationally renowned American glass artist Josh Simpson, and was invited to travel to Massachusetts to become part of his glassmaking team. After three years working in the United States, Katie moved to England where she worked with several glassmakers, one of them being environmental glass artist Neil Wilkin. 

Working with Wilkin proved to be a pivotal time in Katie’s career. 

Having her own work space alongside Wilkin enabled Katie to produce her own work, gaining invaluable tutelage in the process.

Since the latter part of 2003, Katie has dedicated her time toward helping Chronicle Glass to become operational as a full-time open studio. The space is well-suited to public viewing and invites participation from the audience. 

Much of Katie’s work is inspired by the natural world and this is reflected within her use of hot glass. Through her use of colour and cold techniques her pieces display a delicate sense of structure. 

Katie’s work reflects her versatility, producing a variety of pieces ranging from jewelry to goblets, bowls, platters and ambience lighting.