Michael Waysmith

Manipulating hot liquid, especially in the technique I have become addicted to, Murrini, is just fascinating. With this style you have the opportunity to pause between processes and plan and design. I particularly like that part of it, albeit I am still surprised about the outcome more often than not!
Hand-blown Glass

Hand-blown Glass


We love.....

Pure Magic. Pure genius. Pure Patience. And a lot of failures to get to creating these unbelievable beautiful forms. They are vessels, they can be used a vase. But put Michael's work in front of natural light, and they are a work of art. We are so excited to work with Michael, and are very honoured to be one of his favourite galleries. ARTFORM



Glass is a unique medium because it can colour, shape, bend and reflect light. In its purest form as clear glass it is invisible, seen only by its effect on the light that passes through it.

I am currently intrigued by the limitless possibilities that exist in using colour and pattern via cane and murrine. The process of consciously composing complex and intricate tessellating patterns in two dimensions, before expanding these into a three dimensional blown form is breathtaking and exhilarating at the same time.

I like the analogy with music: The spectrum is like an octave, and colours are like musical notes. When consciously arranged in a harmonious composition, beautiful music for the eyes can arise in glass via the interplay of light with pattern, colour and form.

The impetus behind my work is the joy I derive in creating new and unique pieces as I explore this infinite arena. My work is a documentation of my exploration of glass as well as my attempt to make beautiful music along the way.