Peter collis

I love the magical transformation that I can bring about from rawness (clay) to sophistication (object). The ability to physcially change something to that degree, with clay, glaze and fire.
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We love.....

Peter Collis is a delightful character. He is such an experienced potter, calls himself a potter when in actual fact he is potter, maker, artist, teacher and designer all in one. And sometimes a chemist - with other potters calling in from all over the country to ask about a failing slip or colour not performing as it should. "Increase the temperature 50 degrees,", Peter says. And voila, it works. You won't find many potters sharing their secrets like that. ARTFORM



I make round things, Peter says. That he does, and very well – creating pure, balanced, evenly proportioned objects that add enrichment to our environments. The forms, either voluptuous or sleek in shape, are in striking colours that can be either soft and subtle, or strong and vibrant. At times the vessels & objects are so large, it is difficult to make even his peers believe they are hand-thrown. In typical modest style Peter shrugs, smiles and says:" sure they are, I make large round things!"

Peter Collis has worked with clay nearly all of his life. The main focus to his work has been the handling of shape and surface. He creates pure form vessels, which he then treats in a wide range of methods. Crackle glazes, textured engobes, rich colour all enrich surfaces and complement form.