robin ranga

... and the sky lit up all around
The earth trembled: damaged.
Vibration pounded his soles. He ran.
Another void of terror. He heard
A cry, a scratching.... claws.
Reaching he found the one he could comfort
The only one left he could hold
Hand-built Ceramics

Hand-built Ceramics


We love.....

Loving a Robin Ranga Sculpture or wall plaque is an emotional journey. You are drawn to the piece out of fascination, something haunting, dark but beautiful at the same time. And then you read the story - each sculpture has it's story, it's inspiration, an incredibly response by Robin to an event or an experience. The framed artwork below, for example, is called 'Rescued', and is Robin's response to the haunting image of the confused and hurt little 5 yrs old boy pulled from the rubble in Aleppo in august 2016. It touched her heart, and now it touches the recipient of her art piece. This is the world of Robin Ranga. ARTFORM



Robin was one of 3 New Zealand artists (along with Nicky Foreman and Myah Flynn) invited by Ling Zhao Director of Moonlight Gallery, Auckland, to visit and exhibit at the Nongyuan International Arts Village, Chengdu, China.  The rich experience of sharing ideas and expressions with other artists - the privilege and honour to be immersed in their culture and participate as a guest artist at the 2016 Image & Imagination exhibition is a highlight in her art career.  

The goal for the exchange was to create an on-going bridge of friendship and cooperation. Ms Li Yang, Director of the Arts Exchange Village, says:  "may the arts exchange to be a collision of ideas and outburst of Inspiration".   It exceeded all these expectations and established an on-going dialogue and relationship between all parties, with appreciation, respect and much joy.

She  works in a variety of media responding to her interest in, and inspiration from, organic form and design. 
Because “perception is a personal interpretation” many of her works explore compassionate issues.