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Sue Hawker

The process of pate de verre involves four main stages. Carving of the wax model, encasing it in a mould, packing in the raw glass and then the grand finale of kiln firing my encased dream.

It is this last act which brings the greatest joy. Or heartache.

Are the kiln and I in synch? Have I accurately calculated to the last degree the amount of time and heat the glass needs? So much can go wrong. Or doesn’t.

Sometimes I release that dream.
Pate de Verre Glass

Pate de Verre Glass


We love.....

Sue has the ability to create fantasies. There is not a person who walks past her work who doesn't stop, take a closer look, REALLY want to touch , and  be transformed to a fairy tale. The cool colours are like stunning icicles from the film "Frozen", the colourful flowers take you to Rio for carnival. Her work is magnificent.   ARTFORM



Sue Hawker spent much of her working career as a journalist in the international media scene. However, she has always had a strong interest in art, and especially the beauty of glass which has become her passion.

Sue mainly works from her home studio overlooking the beautiful waters of the Bay Of Islands in New Zealand. It was a long journey to reach this tranquil setting, through the never-ending deadlines of hard news journalism in New Zealand, Australia and London, followed by the pressures of successfully running businesses, and rearing a child.

Sue now concentrates solely on art, creating glass sculpture and ceramics, and keeping in touch at North Tec’s Kerikeri campus where she completed four years’ study.

“Glass is a mesmerising medium with its refractive, reflective and transparent qualities. I harness these qualities when designing and creating my forms. In fact, I create art with light itself”.