Suzan Lee

I love the idea of taking nature, the colours, the forms and the light, and playing with the miracles of cast glass to re-create a wee bit of that in my studio. I love it.
Cast Glass

Cast Glass


We love.....

Suzan comes from a background of studying art, and has selected cast glass as her artistic channel. The endearing forms she creates, the relationships between nature, colour and this unpredictable material is something she is mastering more and more. We enjoy unwrapping the treasures she delivers, like jewels that sparkle and make the heart melt.  ARTFORM


"My journey in glass started when I took a year off Art School and did a short course in glass casting. On completion of my studies, I found I was still drawn to the beguiling nature of glass and have been working in the last four years predominately in the lost wax, kiln casting method using glass manufactured locally. Albeit a challenging process, I find it totally fascinating and captivating. I currently work as a full-time artist, based on Auckland's North Shore."

Suzan works from her studio on Auckland’s North Shore where she has been glass casting for the last six years after graduating from Art School. She draws from nature a sense of colour and form, and through crystal glass, plays with the shifting depths of density and light to expose the inner and outer spaces of the objects she creates.